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Three of my books (Back Home, Cuckoo in the Nest and A Spoonful of Jam) deal with how families struggled to live together again after the evacuees and their fathers returned home. Recently, I have been approached by readers, including teachers about Back Home, which is about a 12-year-old girl returning to war torn Britain after having lived in America for five years.

The book was made into a television film starring Hayley Mills (screenplay by David Wood) and won a Gold Award at the New York Film and Television Festival in 1990.

I know that many teachers who share Goodnight Mister Tom with their pupils also like to show them the John Thaw film. For those teachers and other readers who are interested in obtaining a DVD of this version of Back Home you can now order it at Vic’s Rare Films.

Click on the picture to purchase the film.

If you prefer to make an order by telephone their number is: 01276 34126.

Chris Smedley at Vic’s Rare Films has also generously offered to reduce the price from £14.95 to £9.95 for our readers – just mention where you read this when you order.

For all enquiries, their email address is:

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  1. Alison Downs

    I recorded Back Home off TV as a kid and loved it, but was never able to find it again. Thrilled to have just ordered it – thank you! And to find from the author’s website no less… how lovely! Thank you for sharing your work with the world.

  2. Jenny thompson

    I would like to find an audio book copy of back home. Can you help.

    1. Web Designer

      There was a radio version in 4 episodes but unfortunately that’s not been broadcast since 2015.

      Michelle says” It would be brilliant if it could be released on CD so if anyone wants one perhaps they could request it from the BBC?
      I think teachers would love it.”

      So maybe contact the BBC – we’d be very happy to see it released!

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