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Audio versions of some of Michelle’s books can be found on Audible.
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A Little Love Song

By: Michelle Magorian
Narrated by: Michelle Magorian
Length: 10 hrs and 53 mins
Unabridged Audiobook

Enjoyable, well-written WW2 love story


“A lovely little book. Good story and great characterisation. I read it because another reviewer said the novel was akin to Mary Wesley’s “Part of the Furniture”, which is one of my favourites!”

Still a favourite


“I read this a number of years ago so rediscovering it on audible has been a delight. Michelle Magorian gives a wonderful performance and the story still brings me joy”

Back Home

By: Michelle Magorian
Narrated by: Michelle Magorian
Length: 12 hrs and 45 mins
Unabridged Audiobook

Loved it


“I first read this twenty years ago as a teenager. I enjoyed it just as much the second time round; a wonderful, moving story, beautifully read.”

Great story – feel good


“Great story really enjoyed reading it and just as good listening to it, feel good book.”

Lovely listen


“My 8 year old son and I both enjoyed listening to this book over the Christmas holidays. It’s a long listen, but my son went straight back to the beginning and listened again. Rusty arrives back in England after spending the war in America. After the relative freedom, warmth, informality and plenty of America, she returns to an emotionally muted welcome from her mother and the stuffiness of upper middle class England.”

Just Henry

By: Michelle Magorian
Narrated by: Richard Mitchley
Length: 13 hrs and 52 mins
Unabridged Audiobook

Loved it x Loved it x Loved it x


“This is a keeper … finally a book I can keep!!!

Homely: it’s like a comfort read but exciting at same time
Exciting: their are twists and surprises all the way through
Lovable character: he’s a gem … a bit like my son
Reminiscent of the time: after the war things are scarce but appreciated
The ending: satisfying

I’ve been looking for an all rounder of a good interesting funny and serious clean book….. but have kept returning each book I have bought ….. I usually don’t have hrs to dedicate to a story so usually like shorter stories but was prepared to try this… was worried I forget who is who etc but it’s an easy leave and pick up where you left without getting lost …

I like it straight away … I like everyday situations with hidden twists in hidden corners ..
The 50s era I enjoy as it’s not too worldly but still relatable ..
If I explain the story it’s not going to encourage you to read it …. just know if u want the things described above then you will be glad you bought it !!!

I’m now going to look at authors other reads or ‘listen too’ in my case

Hope this helps you to decide ..and if you buy it… I hope you enjoy as much I have and will carry on enjoying as it’s layered!!”

Thoroughly enjoyed this Michelle Magorian novel


“I thoroughly enjoyed this book, set just after WW2. The characterisation is superb, with an interesting plot, and a wonderful insight into 1950’s Britain.”



“Having already read this book, I can say that I love the storyline. This audiobook has fully done it justice. The voices were just how I imagined them. The last ‘200 hundred pages too many’ are there so we can see how the lives of the characters that have been developed throughout the book turn out. It’s truly an amazing book.”