The cover for the Audio version of A Little Love Song read by Michelle Magorian
It is the summer of 1943, and war continues to rage. For Rose and her sister Diana, it’s a time of independence and self-discovery as they find first loves. But when Rose unearths a love story from another war, she discovers an extraordinary secret and must ask herself: is she really in love? Read by the author, Michelle Magorian.
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Recent Reviews

Enjoyable, well-written WW2 love story


“A lovely little book. Good story and great characterisation. I read it because another reviewer said the novel was akin to Mary Wesley’s “Part of the Furniture”, which is one of my favourites!”

Still a favourite


“I read this a number of years ago so rediscovering it on audible has been a delight. Michelle Magorian gives a wonderful performance and the story still brings me joy”