TINSEL the musical - End of Show Cast Photo
Last Night Photo from 2019 Cast (including Michelle!)

Brilliantly written, beautifully produced and amazingly acted, it was funny, so funny with all the underlying stories blending through the whole thing.
Michelle this is worthy of accolades, well done you are are a gifted writer.”

It is the night of the Christmas Office Party in a small town. Linda, a part timer, has been designated to organise it. In previous years, this event has swung from dull to disastrous but Linda is determined to make it a classier do, a night the office workers will want to remember rather than forget. She also wants to hang onto her job. She invites two outside caterers, but against the backdrop of champagne and canapés she has to cope with Neville, the office Fire, Health and Safety Warden. Swinging from humour to drama TINSEL follows twelve people and their fellow office workers through the hours leading up to the party, the party itself and the morning after the night before.

“Fabulous first night. Well done on a heart warming, hilarious and tear-inducing performance.
I left feeling uplifted and joyful. Thank you.”

Here are five songs from a demo recording of the musical. Although it takes place in England, Bob Buckley, an award winning Canadian composer, has recorded most of the songs in Canada with Canadian singers.

My thanks go to: Saffron Henderson and Jane Mortifee (NERVES), Tania Hancheroff (GIVE ME A DRINK! and PULLING, STANDING STILL, LISTEN and ISN’T THIS GOOD?), Steve Maddock (GIVE ME A DRINK! and RUNNING, SAFETY FIRST and ISN’T THIS GOOD?) and British singer Heather Cairncross (FRIDAY NIGHT).