Goodnight Mister Tom

Now translated into 13 languages!

‘This splendid first novel is unashamedly and gloriously sentimental
and it cannot fail to be loved by readers of all ages’
The Times Literary Supplement

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John Thaw as Mister Tom in the ITV TV Drama

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  1. Florin

    A memorable, wonderful story, triumphantly divine and humane, eternally noble and blissfully sentimental, in which innocence prevails, love saves and restores wounded souls, and life blossoms out! A treasure to my heart! A blessing to my soul! Altogether praiseworthy!

  2. Kevin Padden

    I just grabbed Good Night, Mr Tom off a bookcase for the first time in 15 years. I’d forgotten that it had an inscription from my mom (a retired librarian) from October 1989 saying that she hoped I would enjoy other books as much as I enjoyed this one. There are many amazing books that I’ve read, but quite possibly none that made such an impression.
    I am about the age you were when you responded to a letter I’d written you 25 years ago saying how much I’d liked the story. Now I will read it to my sons and maybe they’ll write you a letter as well.

  3. Zoe

    Goodnight mister Tom is an amazing story. I was touched by it as a child when we read it at school and now, as I read it to my own children, it takes on a different poignancy. Such amazing characters, two broken males who fix each other. Thank you.

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