Poetry and Picture Books


“A useful, lively addition to the poetry shelf.”
Junior Education on Orange Paw Marks




Orange Paw Marks by Michelle MagorianOrange Paw Marks

Viking 1991, illustrated by Jean Baylis


A collection of poems based on events children will recognise from their own experience.





Waiting For My Shorts To Dry by MIchelle MagorianWaiting For My Shorts To Dry

Viking 1989, illustrated by Jean Baylis


A collection of poems for young children published in picture book format with colour illustrations.


Picture Books


Who's Going To Take Care Of Me by MIchelle MagorianWho’s Going To Take Care of Me?

Harper & Row, US 1990, illustrated by James Graham Hale






Jump By MIchelle MagorianJump!

Walker 1992, illustrated by Jan Ormerod


Every Saturday Steven watches his sister at her ballet class and he longs to join in. He even practises in his own home. But his mother says that real boys don’t go to dance classes, they play tough games like basketball. There’s one thing, though, that ballet and basketball have in common – and happily, it’s the thing that Steven loves doing best!