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Awfully Big Review of Michelle Magorian's Impossible

Pippa Goodhart reviews IMPOSSIBLE! on Saturday, 4 July 2015 for An Awfully Big Blog Adventure


“……This is a world of radiograms, Premium Bonds, sputnicks, cruetts, snobbishness about ITV, and more to puzzle modern children but evoke smiles of recognition in older readers.  Its a story about different theories of how to act on stage, making it a fascinating read for any, old or young, who are interested in drama.
And it’s a story about a resourceful girl who is different from the rest, and a large cast of larger than life characters amongst whom us older readers will spot familiar names.  It’s great fun!”

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Carousel reviews Impossible! By Michelle MagorianLouise Stothard reviews Impossible! in her list of ‘Satisfying Stories’ for the Summer Edition (number 60) of Carousel magazine

“Set in London during 1959, Josie has ambitions to be a successful actress. Her aunt helps pay for her to attend a stage school but her hopes of receiving the training she needs are dashed and she realises that the school is more interested in etiquette, deportment and playing to the audience than actual character acting. However, Josie’s talent is spotted and she is given a part in a London play and her life takes a new turn.

She is kidnapped by an unscrupulous gang who mistake her for someone else, but manages to escape. Whilst on the run she hides at the avant-garde Theatre Workshop Company run by Joan Littlewood, where she learns what real acting can demand and revels in it. The atmosphere of the late fifties is carefully crafted in this richly narrated book, and reflects these changing times.”

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