Guest Writer Ben Davis talks about playing William Beech for The North Devon Allstarz

Hi I’m Ben Davis and I have the honour of playing William Beech for North Devon All Starz at The Queen’s Theatre, Barnstaple.

When I read the book I felt sad for William, his mum was mean to him and didn’t know how to look after him properly, he hadn’t ever celebrated his birthday and he had no friends until Zach, who died trying to find William. I imagine he always felt scared of what might happen next.

I have enjoyed making new friends in the cast and working with the All Starz team. The acting has been a challenge as the majority of the first half I do not talk and so I have to show what I am feeling through my expressions. It is also important to make the acting believable as World War II holds a lot of memories for some people and it will help bring the audience into the story. The songs have been enjoyable to learn and are catchy.


Practicing with baby Annabel

In the show when William is sent back to London, he finds he has a baby sister. I have been rehearsing with a real baby to make it look life like which has been interesting as the baby cried a lot.

I am looking forward to sharing this story with the audience.

Company: North Devon Allstarz

DATE: Thursday 26, 27 & 28.09.2013,   TIME: 19:00   VENUE: The Queen’s Theatre, Barnstaple

PRICE: All seats £11.00   Family £39.00;


We thought you’d like to see a gallery of pictures of the cast (All photos taken by Tolley Angell):

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